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Our scuseme recommended and vetted window repairers and restorers are based in the Cambridge area and have loyal customers and great reputations. 

Our window experts offer you a high quality and professional sash and casement window refurbishment service and have an enviable list of satisfied customers.  They are trusted and friendly, offer a high quality of service and full attention to detail.

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Our services:

  • Overhaul and renovation
  • Double glazed sash replacement within the existing frame
  • Complete renewal and professional decoration

What our customers say:

“We recently commissioned the restoration of the sash windows and front door and garage door in our Victorian property. We are delighted with the results. A very thorough and professional job. They even went to the trouble of identifying the correct shade of ‘Cambridge Blue’ for our doors.  A big thank you to the team &  I would be happy to show you their work.”  Gary Lowther, Cambridge

“We recently got this company to renovate the sash windows in our house. The window frames were rotten and in need of a lot of attention. We thought that we might need new windows but were told that they were repairable. We are really pleased with the quality of work, the professionalism of the team and the efficiency in which the work was carried out.”  Claire Jarman, Cambridge

“I used this company to repair a pair of Victorian sash windows in an attic bay. They were draughty, with rotting wood and letting in water. They found a brilliant solution which now means they be operated with one hand, no slamming and banging anymore. They have retained the look and feel that suits the property and the difference in sound reduction and insulation is fantastic. A really good, excellent value for money investment in the property.”  Dawn Giesler, Cambridge


Names and company references are removed here for fairness to all our suppliers.  They can be found in full on their profiles.

We check out all recommended businesses and only invite the ones that meet our standards to join.

We check out all recommended businesses and only invite the ones that meet our standards to join.

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