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Maths, geography and science to GCSE level tutor.

Anna says...

scuseme Cambridge tutor

I have several years’ experience of teaching small groups at university level, mainly biology and geography. I have also led field courses to the Welsh coast, and taught practical sessions on a variety of topics. My PhD was in river ecology, and I have worked as a post-doc in both the Departments of Zoology and Geography, University of Cambridge.

Dawn says...

Anna was introduced to scuseme by one of our tutors and is a useful tutor who can cover a range of subjects to GCSE level.

Trader 2

Business Overview

An experienced, professional and friendly tutor offering excellent one-on-one tuition, assignment help and exam preparation from primary to degree level.



Emma says...

A PhD level scientist, I have several years’ experience tutoring degree-level physics and privately tutoring school students in science and maths. I have a doctorate in Astrophysics from the University of Edinburgh, and a Masters in Physics with Astrophysics (1st class top graduating mark).

I am an enthusiastic and patient tutor, and I believe that empathy is very important for helping students to learn. I try to put myself in their shoes and remember what it felt like when I was struggling to get my head around a topic, and guide students to understanding by using the Socratic method (asking questions to get them to think). I am also able to help with general exam preparation.

I have professional experience as a technical author, and can also help with proof-reading essays/dissertations.


Dawn says...

Emma came highly recommended from a number of independent sources and achieves excellent results as well as builds confidence in children.

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