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Maths, geography and science to GCSE level tutor.

Anna says...

scuseme Cambridge tutor

I have several years’ experience of teaching small groups at university level, mainly biology and geography. I have also led field courses to the Welsh coast, and taught practical sessions on a variety of topics. My PhD was in river ecology, and I have worked as a post-doc in both the Departments of Zoology and Geography, University of Cambridge.

Dawn says...

Anna was introduced to scuseme by one of our tutors and is a useful tutor who can cover a range of subjects to GCSE level.

Trader 2

Business Overview

An experienced, professional and friendly tutor offering excellent one-on-one tuition, assignment help and exam preparation from primary to degree level.



Emma says...

A PhD level scientist, I have several years’ experience tutoring degree-level physics and privately tutoring school students in science and maths. I have a doctorate in Astrophysics from the University of Edinburgh, and a Masters in Physics with Astrophysics (1st class top graduating mark).

I am an enthusiastic and patient tutor, and I believe that empathy is very important for helping students to learn. I try to put myself in their shoes and remember what it felt like when I was struggling to get my head around a topic, and guide students to understanding by using the Socratic method (asking questions to get them to think). I am also able to help with general exam preparation.

I have professional experience as a technical author, and can also help with proof-reading essays/dissertations.


Dawn says...

Emma came highly recommended from a number of independent sources and achieves excellent results as well as builds confidence in children.

Trader 3

Business Overview

A maths tutor with a background in Arts as well as Sciences gives her an appreciation both of the practical use of mathematics and of the historical, human aspects of the subject.

Helen says...

I trained as a secondary school teacher in New Zealand and have tutored both privately and in schools in the UK for 10 years. I teach all ages from Key Stage 2 up to A level, with a particular interest in years 5-7 to support the transition from primary to secondary school. I also tutor adults who want to update their skills or understand modern methods of learning mathematics.

My background in Arts as well as Sciences gives me an appreciation both of the practical use of mathematics and of the historical, human aspects of the subject. I find that focusing on the underlying principles and beauty of mathematics both engages students’ interest and develops the skills they need in order to progress.

Dawn says...

Helen came highly recommended from several friends when I needed a maths tutor for my son.

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