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Exterior hardsurface cleaning scuseme

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Business Overview

Most dirt and grime seen on exterior render or masonry surfaces is a result of  algae, lichen, fungi, moss or mould. This is unsightly and often dangerous and damaging and the harsh pressure washing must be used with discretion.   This business specialises in exterior cleaning of virtually all surfaces and building materials using only eco – friendly biodegradable cleaning products and a softwash solution. 

They offer a customised solution for every job,  whether removing moss and lichen from roofs, cleaning delicate renders, conservatories or returning green slippery decking to a safe condition.

Nigel says...

We are a local Cambridge business.  We recognise the huge benefits of gently cleaning hard surfaces by the low pressure application of specific cleaning chemicals – SOFTWASH solution.  Our Clean and Protect System is designed to clean exterior surfaces and periodically maintain them with long lasting results.  We offer:


  • Eco – friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions
  • Full site and risk assessment
  • Customised solution for each job
  • Customer updates
  • Competitive prices
  • HSE & REACH regulated products
  • Insured contractors

Dawn says...

Until now, ugly and damaging build-ups of moss, algae and other disfigurements to your roof, drive, patio, brickwork, render and other surfaces could only be removed by harsh, abrasive treatments that could damage surfaces, remove or degrade pointing or render and badly affect the environment.  This local business uses new technology to give you a long lasting customised solution that removed the catastrophic effect of pressure washing – such as on roofs damaging the surface and forcing water under tiles etc.

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Find trusted exterior and interior hardsurface cleaning specialists in Cambridge.

Our scuseme recommended, reviewed and reliable exterior hardsurface cleaning specialists are based in Cambridge and have loyal customers and great reputations.

Our hardsurface cleaning specialists come highly recommended by local people.  We meet them in person to discuss their capabilities, experience, local knowledge, customer and service offerings.  Whenever possible we visit them on site to see how they work and operate.

Our specialists use eco friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions and recognise that every site is different and every surface will require a particular cleaning schedule.

Our experts undertake roof, drive, patio, brickwork, render and other surfaces.   They do not use harsh, abrasive treatments that could damage surfaces, remove or degrade pointing or render and badly affect the environment.

Guaranteed our checks will save you time and effort.

Our services:

  • Renders — including K Rend / Weber/ monocouche / Lime , Sand Cement/ Pebbledash.
  • Exterior brick & concrete blocks etc.
  • Roofs — Slate / Tile / Cement.
  • Concrete drives/ Block Paving / Tarmac.
  • Sandstone / Limestone /Marble / Granite / Gravestones /
  • Monuments.
  • Timber—- Fences/ Decking / Shiplap / Garden Furniture
  • Conservatories/ PVC / Poly – tunnels.
  • Caravans/ Boats / – Fibreglass.
  • Paintwork.
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Interior Hard Surface Steam Cleaning

We only invite the experts who deliver a first class service to join scuseme.  We invest time and effort into selecting the hardsurface exterior cleaning experts we invite to join scuseme.  You can be confident that whoever we recommend is among the best at what they do and will offer a first class service. 

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