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A highly qualified tutor who has worked both as a classroom teacher and private tutor, the former in two top independent UK schools.

Joshua says...

A British national raised in Spain near the French border, I`m very familiar with multilingual environments. I studied Spanish, Latin and English literature at the University of Cambridge, and have been working in education alongside my degree and since graduating, for a total of seven years. I have travelled extensively and also run sports teams and community events in my local area and am a professional hockey umpire.

I aim to make sessions enjoyable and practical, especially for younger learners, to ensure the language or literature being covered is fun and relevant to the learner as well as beneficial to their academic development. I will always try to contextualise any learning, and like to encourage wider reading and practice as part of my tutoring.

I have worked both as a classroom teacher and private tutor, the former in two top independent UK schools and the latter as part of private arrangements and with a well-known provider of Easter revision courses. I have also taught ESL online and in summer courses.

Dawn says...

Joshua is a scuseme language tutor in high demand

Trader 2

Business Overview

Dynamic Cambridge University graduate with a BA in French and Spanish and experience of teaching in a Cambridge secondary.

Camilla says...

I have lived and worked in France and Spain, and now work as a teacher of French and Spanish at a secondary school in Cambridge. I have also worked as a TEFL teacher (teaching English as a foreign language) in a language school, and have also taught English privately to both French and Spanish children. I am happy to provide help and support with all aspects of French revision from Y7 to L6th (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking). Sessions can be tailored to suit you, though I also provide exam-specific revision sessions in the run up to GCSE and A-Level exams.

Dawn says...

A great recommendation to scuseme

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