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5 ways to be a responsible shopper in Cambridge

Being a responsible shopper at Christmas makes sense As we all become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and the world around us it is good to consider how to shop responsibly this festive season. Last year I got all my Christmas gifts from the indie shops in and around Cambridge; a very […]

How to prepare for Christmas with scuseme

Are you physically, morally and emotionally prepared for Christmas? Here we go again.  Christmas.  Whether you are looking towards it with excitement or dread, or perhaps a bit of both, you know you are unlikely to emerge at the other side completely unscathed.  So here’s a few words to help you enter the fray physically, […]

Christmas carols in Cambridge

Sing your heart out this Christmas Cambridge does not disappoint when it comes to carol concerts and services in and around the city.  Furthermore our calendar of carols showcases strength of community, bringing together schools and promoting charities and inclusion.  Without doubt, there is something for everyone and the spirit of Christmas is clear.

If scuseme can help out Santa, we can do the same for you!

There’s nothing worse than your best Christmas plans going wrong. A broken cooker, leaking roof, no central heating – it’s the last thing you need at the best time of the year. But there’s one man who really can’t afford for things to go wrong at Christmas. A man who can’t fail in his mission […]