Scuseme SafePay


The safe way to pay

Scuseme SafePay is our secure free escrow service that ensures payment protection for our customers and tradespeople.  With Scuseme SafePay, both customer and tradesperson can be confident that the money has been committed to the task, and that it will only be released when both sides are happy that the task is complete.

How does it work?

The steps below outline the process, payments are taken by BACS (Bank Transfer):

  • You post a job on scuseme.
  • You contact the recommended tradespeople, make a choice and accept their quote.
  • You agree to their terms and conditions of service and payment schedule; the tradesperson emails you a Payment Request
  • You contact your bank to make a payment by BACS (Bank Transfer) using your unique wire reference
  • Your payment is held securely in an escrow account while the job is being completed.
  • The tradesperson completes the job and Requests Payment.
  • You Release the Payment and the tradesperson receives it in their nominated bank account within 3-5 business days.

What payment methods can I use for Scuseme SafePay?

Scuseme SafePay only supports BACS payments (Bank Transfer) through our secure payment facility.  This way we minimise risk as we do not store any of your bank account details and you are in total control of the transaction.

What other payment methods are available?

Our tradespeople will also accept cheque and cash payments but there is no payment protection if you choose to pay this way.

When should I make the payment?

You will agree on this with your tradesperson, but payment protection only comes if payment is made when you accept an offer using Scuseme SafePay, before the work starts.  Of course, you can make the payment at the end of the job if you and the tradesperson both agree on this.

After the job has started, I think the price should change. What should I do?

When you assign a job, you’re engaged in a contract directly with the tradesperson. Discuss with them any possible changes in price. If the price increases additional invoices can be added to the job or you can request a refund.

How do I pay my tradesperson?

My job is cancelled. Where is my refund?

When a tradesperson cancels the job, we will process your order as cancelled and arrange to refund your payment back to your bank account – see our Terms of Service.

How long does a refund take?

Once the payment has been processed back to your payment method, it will arrive back in your account in a maximum of 7-10 business days. This timeframe is dependent on processing times between our payment provider and your bank.

How do I get an invoice?

Since tradespeople are independent contractors, you’ll have to request a tax invoice from them.  As the provider of the service, they should be able to get you one.

How to make a payment using Scuseme SafePay

Step 1: Transfer payment to your wallet

  1. You receive a Payment Request by email from your tradesperson.
  2. Select Pay Now and this will display the Make a Payment screen with the amount.
  3. You must then contact your own bank to make a BACS payment (Bank Transfer) which activates Scuseme SafePay and the FREE escrow service.  From the IBAN the First 6 digits are the Sort Code and the last 8 digits the Account Number.  Find your unique bank WIRE REFERENCE – YOU MUST INCLUDE THIS.

Once your payment submission has been processed (usually between 24 – 48hrs), a confirmation screen will be displayed, and you will receive an email receipt.  The tradesperson will also be notified of the payment via email.

The payment stays in your wallet until you are ready to release it to the tradesperson.

Stage 2: Release payment to your tradesperson

When the project is finished, and you are satisfied with the job, you then release the payment to the tradesperson. Or, release immediately if the payment is for a deposit.

  1. Log into your scuseme account with your password.
  2. Go to your Dashboard and select Invoices where you will see your jobs.
  3. Select Mark Job Complete and the payment will be immediately released to the tradesperson.

Can I pay with cash or cheque?

Of course, you can simply select the appropriate box when you receive your Payment Request but there is no payment protection with cash or cheque transactions.

If you have any troubles making a payment, contact

How do I use my dashboard?

Your Dashboard is where you manage your scuseme account and pay your tradespeople.

Log into your scuseme account with your secure password and from the Dashboard select

  1. Account Details to change your password, email address, nationality and country you reside in
  2. Address to change your address.

How do I make a payment?

Important Notice: We do not store your bank account details as all payments are made by Bank Transfer.  Once the payment is debited from your account it is held in the secure Scuseme SafePay (your wallet) until the job is complete, where you have full control over when the payment is released into the tradesperson’s wallet.

If you have any troubles adding or updating your information, contact