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Future proofing your home

The Inclusive Home

10 things you may not know about inclusive homes I take a lot of  interest in the design of an inclusive home because I have

Find the right person for the job

Get smart. Get results.  Like many people I’ve had some bad experiences; I’ve taken a heating engineer to the small claims court, suffered hair loss

minor jobs

Minor jobs at home

Minor jobs you should be able to do Scuseme is all about helping connect you with experts who can fix your domestic breakdowns.  A few

Make fresh flowers last longer

How to create a lovely bouquet and make fresh flowers last longer I recently met Bridget Davidson, founder of Wild Rosamund, at the Cambridge Home

Moths bothering you?

How to get rid of moths in your home I hate them. They get everywhere.  The little buggers take over the whole house as they

Bike safety and storage

Clever bike safety and storage solutions  If you live in Cambridge, chances are you’ve got a bike.  And if you have a family or live

Prevent falls in the elderly

Create a safe home: How to prevent falls in the elderly living at home At scuseme, we receive lots of calls and enquiries from people

prepare for christmas with scuseme

How to prepare for Christmas with scuseme

Are you physically, morally and emotionally prepared for Christmas? Here we go again.  Christmas.  Whether you are looking towards it with excitement or dread, or

make an impact

How to make a big impact

Small home projects that make a big impact Home improvement doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are so many small changes you