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How to plan for the storage of kitchen essentials

Plan to make your kitchen space work If you’ve spent any time looking into kitchen design you’ll know about triangulation – the movement between fridge, sink and cooker, your three main work stations. The bin (or the recycling centre as it has now become) may add a fourth. But give some thought early on to […]

How to look after garden birds in the winter in Cambridge

Help our feathered friends in Cambridge Winter is just around the corner and our little feathered friends need help over the cold months ahead. There’s lots we can do to help by leaving out the right food in the correct conditions as well as practical changes you can make in your garden to encourage their […]

How to prepare your home outdoors for winter

What are the top jobs for winter? Keeping the house warm is one of them, but don’t neglect your garden and outside areas, either.  These are some pre-winter jobs to think about that will be home improvements you will appreciate. Our tradesmen, like so many others in the Cambridge area book up fast, particularly electricians, […]

Find an electrician you can trust in Cambridge

8 key considerations to find an electrician that’s right for you When it comes to sorting out electrical problems most of us are wise enough to call in a professional. Inevitably where there are opportunities there are opportunists and unscrupulous unskilled electricians operate in a surprisingly poorly regulated field. How to find an electrician you […]