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What’s on in Cambridge

Things to do in Cambridge So you want to find out what’s on in Cambridge?  You’ve come to the right place. Here we will tell you about the things that are of interest to people who live and work in Cambridge. Not just the tourist attractions, but the local events that build your community.

Foodie fun

Cambridge Food Tour I have written much over the last three years about Cambridge’s growing food scene: from butchers to bakers, to innovative and enticing cafes, bars, restaurants and pop us (as well as the personalities behind them). And I have watched this scene continue to grow, such that it’s difficult to keep up with […]

Mill Road Bridge Closure

Mill Road Bridge Closure Mill Road is an iconic part of Cambridge. Steeped in history, diversity, community spirit and plenty of independent traders, it’s no wonder that The Sunday Times (14 April 2019) described it as the ‘mile-long beating heart’ of the area. Today, July 1st, Mill Road Bridge closes for 8 weeks. This is […]

Is congestion charging inevitable in Cambridge?

How to control the volume of traffic in Cambridge On Wednesday 29th May I was interviewed by a BBC journalist to share my opinions on the proposed introduction of congestion charging in Cambridge.  Scuseme was approached to reflect the voice of a Cambridge based independent business.  Furthermore, because I work alongside many independent tradespeople, the […]

Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Low-carbon living in Cambridge There seem to be few good news stories about the environment nowadays.  The media highlight daily some new crisis that leaves us feeling powerless and overwhelmed.  So it was refreshing to meet Alana Sinclair who, through her charity Cambridge Carbon Footprint that has, since 2005, been inspiring hundreds of Cambridge residents […]

Cambridge Cookery: classes, café and community

Community cafe, bistro & so much more Tucked behind Hills Road Sports Centre is Cambridge Cookery (once the Cambridge Cookery School). It has been operating successfully for over 10 years, running cooking classes and events for business as well as the domestic market.  In 2015 it opened as a community café and bistro and rapidly […]

Doppleganger Burger – New vegan restaurant opens in Cambridge

Veganuary on the rise Meat free Veganuary is growing in popularity.  The health benefits are a tonic for post-Christmas guilt, and the environmental impacts from land hungry and carbon intensive livestock farming are another incentive.  I’ve taken on the challenge this year.  Many Cambridge eateries include a vegan option on their menus.  Indeed, in May […]

Right to repair

Can we fix it? No we can’t.  Or at least not any more.  In this day and age Bob would be hard pushed to match his moniker.  Once things were built to last or came with instructions and parts, so that repairs were easy.  My dad would stalk the house with a screw driver or […]