Try something new in Cambridge

A little older, a little wiser

Coming up to the two and a half years of scuseme I have been reflecting on my journey.  Setting up an online business was uncharted territory and certainly something new for me and I am particularly proud of my achievements.

Wherever you are in your life, now is as good a time as any to take stock of what you’ve done and accomplished in your life.  And for that reason, it’s important to celebrate the successes.  Above all figure out what more you’d like to do with your time now that you’re a little older and (maybe a little) wiser.   Whatever your goals there are many benefits to trying something new.

I recall an episode of Desert Island Discs with Malorie Blackman.  The famed author explains why every year she likes to learn something new because she likes to take on a challenge to stretch her mind, imagination and ability.  Wise words indeed.

Here I reflect on some of the new things I have tried (or hope to try) in Cambridge. (more…)

Find an electrician you can trust in Cambridge

find an electrician in Cambridge scuseme

8 key considerations to find an electrician that’s right for you

When it comes to sorting out electrical problems most of us are wise enough to call in a professional. Inevitably where there are opportunities there are opportunists and unscrupulous unskilled electricians operate in a surprisingly poorly regulated field.

How to find an electrician you can trust in Cambridge

So ask the right questions, follow these instructions and you will find the right electrician: someone who is a trusted, local and recommended expert in the Cambridge area. (more…)

Find a plumber you can trust in Cambridge

Find a plumber you can trust in Cambridge scuseme

7 key considerations to find a plumber that’s right for you

With so much information out there it may seem that you are spoilt for choice, but make the wrong decision and you could end up with a ‘cowboy’. You have to trust the information that is provided.

How to find a plumber you can trust in Cambridge 

Ask the right questions, follow these instructions and you will find the right plumber: someone who is a trusted, local and recommended expert in the Cambridge area. (more…)

Find a builder you can trust in Cambridge

find a builder you can trust in Cambridge scuseme

7 key considerations to find a builder that’s right for you 

With rapidly spiralling house prices in Cambridge, a growing number of homeowners are choosing to extend their existing property to gain extra space without having to sell up.  And although the cost of building an extension can be significant, it is a sure-fire way to add value to your home.

Whether you want a new build, an extension or an internal reconfiguration to make better use of your existing space, you will need to have good design plans.  You will also need to find a builder you can trust in Cambridge to turn your design into a reality; on time and on budget. (more…)

Independent bakeries in Cambridge

independent bakers in cambridge

A baker’s dozen – 13 of the best

When I first came to Cambridge over 20 years ago, there was a tiny selection of bakeries selling a rather uninspired selection of breads, namely white, brown & granary, and mainly from chains. There were not too many independent bakers. Of the list below, only Barkers and Newnham bakeries, as well as the famous Fitzbillies, have any great heritage in the city.  All three now compete strongly with this welcome band of gate crashers.

The rise of the sourdough


Scuseme Student Survival Kit

student survival kit

13 essentials for your student survival kit

Heading off to university is both exciting and emotional for student and parents alike.  But are you prepared? Fear not, with our scuseme student survival kit, you’ll be prepared for any eventuality.

Whether you’re in student halls or sharing a house, here are some great things you never knew you needed. (more…)

Seven great places to go blackberrying in Cambridge

blackberrying Cambridge

Blackberrying in Cambridge 

I just love the beginning of Autumn.  The weather is still warm, the light is gorgeous, the colours are vibrant and with this years’ heatwave the long awaited blackberries are bountiful.  Out and about in Cambridge you can’t help but notice the abundance of beautiful blackberries weighing down the branches.

Blackberrying or brambling, whichever you prefer, is a great family outing. The promise of jam or pies keeps everyone motivated.  One of my favourite fruits, my heart leaps with the thought of just how many I will manage to eat before the season ends.  The only problem is eating more than you collect.   (more…)

How to get your home ready for winter now

get your home ready for winter fireplace

10 things to get your Cambridge home ready for winter?

With this scorching summer it is difficult to remember just how cold last winter was.  But with the days shortening, now is a good time to start thinking about getting your home into the best shape possible for the cold months ahead.  Our tradesmen, like so many others in the Cambridge area book up fast, particularly chimney cleaners and plumbers.  Do yourself a favour; get sorted and get organized to avoid disappointment and costly quotes.

Here are some things you should be doing to get your home ready for winter. (more…)

14 tips to keep your home safe when you’re on holiday – scuseme Cambridge

keep home safe holiday

Home safe and sound

When you are away on holiday you want to know that you have done everything to keep your home safe from burglars.  Because it’s easy for a thief to tell who’s in and who isn’t, the most important thing you can do is to make your home look like someone’s in it.

Otherwise, put barriers in place to prevent entry: solid fences, locked doors and windows, and alarms all make your home less attractive to burglars. You can contact local trusted local tradespeople in Cambridge here for help with securing your home.  And if the worst comes to the worst, check that your contents and buildings insurance policies are up to date and make sure you have enough cover. (more…)

How to find trusted builders in Cambridge – 18 questions you must ask

trusted builders Cambridge

Trusted builders in Cambridge – how we check them out

People often ask how we vet the builders we recommend on scuseme, so we thought that it would be a good idea to share what we do.  This way you can see how rigorous we are so you too can share in the trust we place in the Cambridge  builders we recommend. You may also find the that some of the questions we ask are useful when you hire other tradespersons.

We meet our builders in person

We believe that you get a good sense of someone only when you meet them in person, so we always have a face to face meeting with potential scuseme builders.  Furthermore, because builders work closely with their clients, often over several months, it’s important to make sure we have a good rapport with them and see that they are personable. Therefore you can feel safe in the knowledge that we personally know all the builders we recommend in contrast to many other recommendation websites where builders can sign up without any personal vetting. (more…)