Right to repair

right to repair

Can we fix it?

No we can’t.  Or at least not any more.  In this day and age Bob would be hard pushed to match his moniker.  Once things were built to last or came with instructions and parts, so that repairs were easy.  My dad would stalk the house with a screw driver or a bag of nails, and I would come home from school to see a pair of feet poking out from under the car. And my mum was a dab hand with a needle and thread.  There was satisfaction to be gained and pennies to be saved from a practical hand.  Not for everyone of course, but now we rarely get the choice. (more…)

 How to prepare for Christmas with scuseme

prepare for christmas with scuseme

Are you physically, morally and emotionally prepared for Christmas?

Here we go again.  Christmas.  Whether you are looking towards it with excitement or dread, or perhaps a bit of both, you know you are unlikely to emerge at the other side completely unscathed.  So here’s a few words to help you enter the fray physically, morally and emotionally prepared.

Saving Christmas with scuseme

Combat loneliness or help the homeless

Have you space at your table for someone who may be on their own?  Or find time just to pay them a visit.  No one should be lonely and the #5000 reasons launched recently by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough local councils, as well as the Campaign to End Loneliness, set out some of the simple things we can do to support people in our community who may be at risk of loneliness.  Or you can make a donation to any of the local charities, perhaps as a gift idea.  I spent a year working at Emmaus and realised how easily circumstances can lead someone from a comfortable and secure life to one living on the edge, with no roof, cold, hungry and exposed to violence.  There is a human story behind every homeless person. I recently found out about StreetVet.  The team of volunteers were fundraising and  I was impressed by their cause and passion.  The photo shows me – far right with my dogs Sugar and Roscoe – on a memorial walk was in aid of StreetVet Kristina Peters from Village Vet Milton. Kristina recently passed away and she was a great supporter of StreetVet and helped to set up in Cambridge.



Relationships matter

personally vetted tradesperson

Why I meet my tradespeople in person

Deciding what to write my blog about depends on many things.   Most of my ideas are, of course, based on the services we provide and the people I meet.  Sometimes however ideas pop up because of things I have been doing during the week.

This week I spent quite a lot of time meeting current and future scuseme recommended tradespeople.  This is the part of my work that I love best.  And perhaps because it is coming to the end of the year, and because of the conversations I had, I found myself reflecting on my business and how far I have come. (more…)

Christmas carols in Cambridge

christmas carols in cambridge

Sing your heart out this Christmas

Cambridge does not disappoint when it comes to carol concerts and services in and around the city.  Furthermore our calendar of carols showcases strength of community, bringing together schools and promoting charities and inclusion.  Without doubt, there is something for everyone and the spirit of Christmas is clear. (more…)

The cave of culinary delights

A perfect place for food lovers

On the corner of Mill Road and Tenison Road sits Culinaris.  This intimate little deli is the first UK venture for a small Hungarian business, whose only other outlets are in Budapest.  Since opening in December 2015 it has become an important local fixture under the guiding hand of manager, Sam Ryan.  Sam is a passionate food lover dedicated to finding exquisite and sometime quite niche products from around the world.  I met with Sam to find out more about the Culinaris ethos. (more…)

How to make a big impact

make an impact

Small home projects that make a big impact

Home improvement doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are so many small changes you can make around your home that will make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the entire space. But before you begin making any changes, here at Scuseme we suggest you give your entire home a good clean first, including outdoor spaces.  This way, you will be able to see what needs to be repaired, redesigned, or replaced. Here are a couple of small home projects that can make a big difference: (more…)

How to plan for the storage of kitchen essentials

kitchen storage

Plan to make your kitchen space work

If you’ve spent any time looking into kitchen design you’ll know about triangulation – the movement between fridge, sink and cooker, your three main work stations. The bin (or the recycling centre as it has now become) may add a fourth. But give some thought early on to the way you store everything else, from that dusty ice cream maker you got as a wedding present, to the tea and coffee space which you’ll be at several times a day. Getting this right will be critical to making your, probably expensive, new kitchen work best for you.

Our kitchen designers tell us about many of the storage challenges they face, and they have passed on a few tips. (more…)

What you should know before meeting a builder

meeting a builder

6 things you should organise before meeting a builder 

Good builders in Cambridge are in demand and they can be difficult to get hold of.  So to make the most of their time (and yours) it is important that you have key things in place when you meet them.  The list below outlines six things  you should organise. (more…)

How to reduce the risk of a house fire

reduce risk house fire

Save your home from a house fire

Every year in Britain there are thousands of house fires, and most of these start accidentally. Most are minor, with no injury or even a need to call out the fire services, but a small number are more serious, even fatal.  The risk of fire lurks almost everywhere in the home so it’s important that you know how you can reduce the chance of a fire starting in your home and reduce the risk of injury.

It is easy to imagine that it wouldn’t happen to you. And this is more likely to be the case if you are alert to the most common causes – most of them are avoidable – and take the necessary steps to protect your home and loved ones.

The 10 most common causes of house fires


How to look after garden birds in the winter in Cambridge

Look after garden birds in winter

Help our feathered friends in Cambridge

Winter is just around the corner and our little feathered friends need help over the cold months ahead. There’s lots we can do to help by leaving out the right food in the correct conditions as well as practical changes you can make in your garden to encourage their survival.  So here’s our advice on how to look after garden birds in winter in Cambridge.

Where to feed them

Bird tables are ideal, as they keep the birds out of reach of cats and give some protection from aerial attack.  But some birds, such as dunnocks and blackbirds can prefer ground feeding. If you have a ground feeding station, make sure it is exposed so that cats have less opportunity to pounce. (more…)