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Cambridge Food Tours

Cambridge Food Tour

I have written much over the last three years about Cambridge’s growing food scene: from butchers to bakers, to innovative and enticing cafes, bars, restaurants and pop us (as well as the personalities behind them). And I have watched this scene continue to grow, such that it’s difficult to keep up with all that’s on offer and which places stand out. There’re the usual advice and listing websites of course and these can be helpful, though I am sometimes disappointed and rather skeptical about how some places rise to the top while others languish.

This week’s guest blog comes from Gerla de Boer. Gerla runs Cambridge Food Tour, which has, since 2012, been taking people to some of the best but often least-known outlets for good food and drink. Gerla tells us a little bit about her tours and about some of the venues that represent the city’s finest foodie destinations. (more…)

Mill Road Bridge Closure

Mill Road Bridge Closure

Mill Road is an iconic part of Cambridge. Steeped in history, diversity, community spirit and plenty of independent traders, it’s no wonder that The Sunday Times (14 April 2019) described it as the ‘mile-long beating heart’ of the area. Today, July 1st, Mill Road Bridge closes for 8 weeks. This is to carry out work to expand the railway below which includes the modification of one of the arches.  Still, the bridge will be open for crossing by pedestrians and cyclists, who must dismount, for all but a handful of days during the period of the works. (more…)

Project manage or not

project manage

Should you project manage your own home building project?

Whether you project manage your own home building project will depend on several things.  The size and scale of the project – particularly the level of major structural work or additions  – and your budget.

Building an extension or a major renovation requires a lot of work, and it would be prudent, for those who can afford it, to invest in a professional project manager to oversee the entire process. You can hire either an architect or an interior designer (or both depending on budget) for your project.  They are likely to offer an ongoing project management service. This option will add additional costs to your project. But you will be paying for a reduced stress experience. (more…)

The Inclusive Home

Future proofing your home

10 things you may not know about inclusive homes

I take a lot of  interest in the design of an inclusive home because I have elderly relatives and a family member who uses a wheelchair.  So at the recent Cambridge Home and Garden Show I was lucky to stationed next to Vaila Morrison, an architect with a particular passion for inclusive design and sustainability.  And as an influential blogger and founder of The Inclusive Home, Vaila shares her valuable insights about the inclusive home with scuseme.  You will discover things that you can incorporate into your own home improvement projects, especially in relation to future proofing. Over to Vaila… (more…)

Is congestion charging inevitable in Cambridge?

congestion charging

How to control the volume of traffic in Cambridge

On Wednesday 29th May I was interviewed by a BBC journalist to share my opinions on the proposed introduction of congestion charging in Cambridge.  Scuseme was approached to reflect the voice of a Cambridge based independent business.  Furthermore, because I work alongside many independent tradespeople, the journalist was keen to get an impression of their views. The programme, BBC Politics East, is on Sunday 9th June. (more…)

How understanding what motivates your child can help deal with exam stress

what motivates your child

What motivates your child?

It’s that time of the year when there is so much pressure on children to pass exams.   Whether they need the results for entrance exams, to get an apprenticeship or into a college or university, or simply to get the job they have their heart set on – their exams are their sole focus (and if they aren’t – it’s likely to be even more stressful for you!)

We all deal with stress in many different ways and our children are no different. (more…)

Bank Holiday jobs

DIY Bank Holiday jobs

Don’t let DIY spoil your Bank Holiday

May sees Cambridge at it’s best, with the start of so many exciting and tempting events and activities, such as Eat Cambridge, Thirsty Biergarten and the Cambridge Beer Festival.  Lots of people use Bank Holidays for tackling DIY projects; I’m not sure  DIY is not for everyone.  If you don’t want to get the toolbox out and head up a ladder this bank holiday or if you don’t have the skills, finding a local recommended professional is the best way to get the job done properly, leaving you time to enjoy the Cambridge festivities and the summer months ahead. (more…)

Discover mobile services in Cambridge

mobile services Cambridge

Mobile services …. a lifesaver

Making an appointments is sometimes difficult, so the convenience of reliable mobile services can be a lifesaver.  You may be just too busy, work unsociable hours, are elderly, a commuter or a frequent traveller. Perhaps you prefer the privacy of your own home for a particular treatment or may simply want to treat yourself.  Whatever your reason, a mobile service that comes to you at home or in your workplace, can provide the perfect solution.  I spent some time discovering what mobile Cambridge has to offer by speaking to business owners and drawing on my own experiences. (more…)

Find the right person for the job

Get smart. Get results. 

Like many people I’ve had some bad experiences; I’ve taken a heating engineer to the small claims court, suffered hair loss from a poorly trained hairdresser and been sworn at by a rude gas engineer who refused to fix a problem he had created. But I’ve learnt from these and got much smarter.

It’s no surprise, trying to find the right person for the job can be daunting and stressful. And it usually doesn’t make much difference whatever service you need, be it a hairdresser or a builder. All you want is the peace of mind that you will get perfect results. I‘m going to share some of my hair-raising hair experiences to demonstrate the key things that you need to think of when looking for the right person. (more…)

My sister – liver transplant recipient

Nine Lives Saved: Be a Hero

Diane Denton is my sister, and a liver transplant recipient.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.  After her terrifying ordeal she is making a fantastic recovery.  Dane is now passionate about raising the importance of organ donation.  Her experience opened our eyes to many things, but significantly the importance of organ donation.  I didn’t know that with organ donation you could save up to nine lives.   I also want to take the opportunity to pass it on that from spring 2020 the law around organ donation in England is changing. (more…)