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scuseme Principles of Tutoring

At scuseme we believe that personal tutoring should draw upon strong practices and values in good educational institutions. But it should be able to use the advantages of time, resources and intensity of process that one to one situation offers.

Students with their parents/carers will ask for personal tuition to complement, supplement and extend the teaching that is being given on the post-course in the school or college. This is usually prompted by worries due to academic underperformance, a lack of understanding or even just under confidence. At the heart of many problems is the issue of effective study skills and this should be fundamental to all private tuition. There are limits to what can be achieved in hourly tuition sessions. Students need to be better equipped for more effective and efficient personal, independent study away from tutorial sessions. This is the bedrock of all effective tutoring.

scuseme tutors will support & help students develop the following key skills:

  • research skills
  • reading skills
  • note taking
  • essay structure
  • revision techniques
  • coping with the exam

What you can expect from a recommended scuseme Tutor

  • Tutors should talk with parents/carers and the student at an initial meeting about the problems, requirements and goals for the future.
  • Tutors should review the student’s work using past essays, mock exam papers etc. This will establish what the current teacher at school/college is doing to make sure that tutor work complements and builds upon school sessions.
  • A clear schedule needs to be established with themes, goals and set work.
  • Tutors should talk to the student and parent/carer if possible or appropriate, about the aim of each session and show how it fits the scheme of work.
  • There should, wherever possible be a debrief on each session when it is clearly established what has been covered and what the student needs to do before the next session.
  • Parents/carers must be kept in the picture about progress throughout.
  • Marking must be in line with marking schemes used by the appropriate exam board.
  • Examiners’ notes and reports should be used when necessary.
  • Feedback is key to the process. Students should be clear about strengths and weaknesses in each assignments. Targets need to be set for the next piece of work.
  • Tutors need to be flexible to adjust to the needs of parents/carers and students whilst professionally advising what is needed.
  • Within reason tutors should be accessible by text or email. In between sessions students may well be in need of support. They need to feel that tutors are there for them.

We check out all recommended businesses and only invite the ones that meet our standards to join.

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