scuseme for Customers

Whether you are looking for a tutor or a tradesperson, a plasterer or a plumber, a carpenter or a caterer scuseme will help.

1. Tell us what you’re looking for

Send us a request outlining what local service you need, with any additional information that might help us narrow our search.

2. We’ll find the right people

We pass on your enquiry (anonymously) to the right people on our list of trusted suppliers. If they can help you we’ll pass you their details.

3. You decide who you want to use

You can review the recommendations at your leisure, get in touch with them and if you want to, make a choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does scuseme work?

You register your enquiry by setting up an account with an email address and password. scuseme will direct your enquiry (anonymously) to all appropriate recommended businesses. You will only be emailed the details and profiles of businesses interested in your request. You can then choose who to contact and hopefully find the right person for your job.

2. Is scuseme a directory?

scuseme is not a directory of listed businesses and services. You only receive the details of businesses and services that have expressed an interest in your enquiry.

3. Is there a charge to the customer to use scuseme?

No the service as it stands is absolutely free.

4. Do you only recommend businesses and services who pay?

No, we have some that do not pay, such as sports clubs and dance companies. Tutors also do not pay allowing us to be highly selective about those we recommend. The businesses and services that pay have to have local, up-to-date, recommendations and demonstrate local track record which is discussed on application. We do not accept every business that applies to join scuseme. If we find that we do not have a registered business that meets your needs we may occasionally recommend a business that has not paid but is ideal for you. Getting the right service to you is our priority.

5. How do you know who to trust?

We rely on the recommendations of people in the local area who have used these businesses and are very satisfied with their work. We demand that our suppliers share these recommendations on their profile. It’s always a good ideal to ask to speak to their previous clients and if possible inspect their work.

6. How do the scuseme ratings and reviews work?

scuseme feedback is your most valuable tool in determining trustworthiness. We use a star rating system with 1 being poor through to 5 representing an excellent service. You can also add your own reviews.

7. What does the “Cambridge area” mean?

That means within the county of Cambridgeshire.

8. How do you select scuseme tutors?

Like all our services they are selected based on having excellent recommendations. They also have to sign up to the scuseme Principles of Tutoring. All registered tutors meet or have a detailed telephone ‘interview’ with Richard, our scuseme Tutor co-ordinator, who confirms suitability, DBS checks and track record.

9. Do you check on the registration for trade governing bodies or certificates?

During the application process we discuss experience, track record, certificates and recommendations, then all our suppliers have to agree to our Terms and Conditions. It’s always a good idea to check with the supplier when they come round, and ask to see their current membership cards for total peace of mind.

10. How do I leave a review on the website?

When you have used one of our recommended suppliers, their details will appear in your account. You will then be able to ‘add a review’.

11. What if I am not happy with the work done or service provided?

The contract or work you do with your Supplier is a separate contract which does not involve scuseme. Our suppliers rely on their reputations and we make every effort to ensure that Suppliers listed on our website are legitimate, reputable and have appropriate qualifications and membership of trade related bodies. You have the right to post ratings based on your experience. Should you leave negative feedback we will contact all parties to establish if a rating is justified.

12. How can I find out about clubs in the area?

You enter an online enquiry, this is then sent (anonymously) to the registered clubs, under the category you suggested, that we have registered. Clubs with availability/spaces will request that we send you their details and profiles. You can then contact them directly and arrange to meet, visit and join up.