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Plastering… it’s not for amateurs

I so admire skilled tradespeople and becoming an accomplished plasterer takes years of practice and dedication. One of the things I particularly love about my job is staying in contact with our tradespeople and watching the progress of their jobs.  This connection means that I  am also continually learning and I usually pick up a few handy tips along the way.  But there are limitations to what you can DIY.  There are some jobs I would never recommend that you attempt to do yourself, and plastering is definitely one that should be left to the professionals.

The results of a good plasterer will last for years; the results of a poor job will be revealed pretty much straight away.

Smooth operator

I followed the progress of a Cambridge house extension which our recommended home builders started in November 2019.  When I  met up with the plasterers watching them in action was truly an education.  While we chatted I was mesmerized by Kevin as he moved around the room, effortlessly on stilts. Like a well-rehearsed circus act, he was mixing the plaster, which was smooth as silk, then applying it gracefully to create perfectly smooth walls.

Kevin jokes that he isn’t bad for his second day!  These guys have well over 50 years of experience between them and their professionalism and skill were amazing to watch.


Meanwhile, Chris made the job look so easy as he plastered the walls with total precision and accuracy.

plasterer working the room

I’m looking forward to popping back at the end of the week (weather depending) to see the rendering.

The big cover-up

On the same day, I went along to take some before photos on another plastering job where the Artex ceiling was getting a makeover.  Again the attention to detail in the preparation was so clearly evident.  Chris, another plasterer with years of experience, takes time to carefully protect everything, from the carpets to the furniture and furnishing.

Plastering is a really messy job so it pays to either clear the area to be plastered of all furnishings or at the very least cover it all up properly.

plasterer cover up
plasterer kitchen cover up





Chris says: “Whenever I walk into a room I notice the plasterwork. I notice curves where there should be straight lines, and it frustrates me, as I’m a perfectionist.”  Those words are music to my ears.

Here I am with Chris, Kevin, and Chris – all excellent plasterers.

Chris and Dawn at scuseme Chris and Dawn at scuseme     Kevin and Dawn at scuseme

So at scuseme, we’re all about the plastering: smooth walls, straight lines, and perfect angles.

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Dawn Giesler, is the founder of scuseme Cambridge, an online marketplace that connects you with personally vetted tradespeople in your community.  She has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and offers advice based on her own experiences.  For more information visit scuseme
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