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Find an Electrician you can trust scuseme

8 key considerations to find an electrician that’s right for you

When it comes to sorting out electrical problems most of us are wise enough to call in a professional. Inevitably where there are opportunities there are opportunists and unscrupulous unskilled electricians operate in a surprisingly poorly regulated field.

How to find an electrician you can trust in Cambridge

So ask the right questions, follow these instructions and you will find the right electrician: someone who is a trusted, local and recommended expert in the Cambridge area.Identify the problem

Firstly identify the problem. It could be a small task such as a switch electrical replacement; or a bigger one like a rewiring job. Then determine whether you need a minor works or a notifiable electrical work electrician.


Try to get at least three different quotes. Don’t use an electrician who gives you an over the phone quote. For bigger jobs at least, a good electrician will need to see the job to provide an accurate quote, and you need to meet them. If unable to see the job you should get an estimate based on their rates.

Go local

Find an electrician who is local. This may help reduce the hidden costs of travel (which can mount up given Cambridge’s traffic congestion).

Testimonials and referrals

Select electricians who have testimonials and referrals from previous clients. Contractors should also be able to provide you with details of their qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience and insurance policies.

Punctual, polite and professional

Will they respect your home and look after your property e.g. protecting surfaces, removing their shoes or providing protective covers, clear away any mess. Ask yourself: ‘Would you want to offer them a cup of tea?’

Explain the Problem

Make sure that the plumber clearly explains the problem and the solution to you and find out if they have first-hand experience of carrying out the task.


After work has been carried out, inspections and testing are required, and a Minor Electrical Installation Works certificate is issues for minor works. For notifiable work more is required; an Electrical Installation Certificate, a Schedule of Inspection Rules and Test Results are issued and within 30 days of completion a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

Price & Guarantees

Get everything in writing before starting a job. Find out about your guarantees on the work, the schedule, and agree exactly how payment can be made. Insist that any changes to the quote are always agreed in advance.

Looking for an electrician in Cambridge?

scuseme can help! We’ll check through our list of approved Cambridge electricians and give you the contact details of our local recommended experts ready to help you.

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