7 of the best butchers to get haggis in Cambridge for Burns Night

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Get haggis, neeps and tatties. 

Are you ready to celebrate Burns Night on the 25th January?

Don’t worry if not. We’ve checked out the best local independent butchers in Cambridge to find out what is on offer.

Whether you are looking for a traditional haggis, a vegetarian option or something a little bit different, any of these butchers in Cambridge can help.

So, enjoy the address to the haggis, the toast to the lassies and reply to the laddies.  Get carried away with the splendid verse of the bard, Robert Burns

Our top 7 recommendations
ButcherHaggisVegetarian More Info
Cousins C & SonsMacSweens
A Waller & SonOwn special recipe passed down generations from the original family owners in the 1950s No website
The Art of MeatFarmer's Son
(Check availability first as selling out fast)
No website
Cowlings Family Butchers MacSweensNo website
Barkers Bros Butchers Home-made
Michael Beaumont MacSweensNo website
Histon Hog RoastButcher's Haggis
No website

Looking for the best place to get your neeps and tatties, look no further than Cambridge Market

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