Eight ways to reduce your fuel bills this winter in Cambridge

Cambridge saw temperatures plummet to –3C on Wednesday 13th December and the forecast for the run up to Christmas is predictably cold. While the snow is fun keeping your home warm and cosy is not always easy and can be expensive if not managed properly.

Here are some easy thing to do to that will help reduce your fuel bills and keep your home warm during the harsh winter months:

  1. Insulate water tanks in unheated areas.
  2. Check that your loft insulation is thick and in good condition, running over the pipework where possible.
  3. Check that your boiler has been properly serviced.
  4. Minimise draughts from outside and close doors to unheated parts of your home.
  5. Seal small gaps around the areas where your TV, cable or telephone lines come through your wall.
  6. Leave your loft hatch ajar, allowing warmer air to reach the loft preventing your water tank and pipes freezing.
  7. If you’re going away and the temperature’s likely to drop below freezing, keep your home’s central heating at a minimum of 15°C (59F) for a few hours each day.
  8. If your property is unoccupied for long periods, turn off the water at the stopcock and consider draining down the system.

Some of these jobs can be managed as a DIY project but if you want to find a locally recommended tradesperson for the jobs that require an expert,  get in touch with scuseme for help.

Get in touch: Tel 01223 520573 or email: help@scuseme.co.uk