How often should my Aga be serviced?

Aga services

Aga servicing

As with most domestic appliances, Aga cookers require routine servicing and maintenance to ensure they continue to operate safely and efficiently.  Therefore, depending on the type of Aga you have, here are our recommendations:

Gas Aga heat-storage cookers

These usually require a service every 12 months by a specialist Aga gas engineer.

30-amp electric models

You should check for electrical safety and operation every 12 months.

13-amp electric models

Including the Aga Total Control and the Aga Dual Control, these require an interim service every 2 ½ years and a full service every 5 years.

Oil Aga cookers

Ideally these should be serviced every 6 months. 3-oven and diesel models may extend to 12 months. Solid fuel models require their internal flue ways to be cleaned monthly, with a six-monthly sweeping of the connecting flue pipe. The main chimney should be swept annually.

Aga servicing in and around Cambridge

How to find an Aga repair and installation specialist in Cambridge

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