How scuseme helped a friend & the June orchid count

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Recently an old friend of mine who now lives in New York got in touch for some help.  She grew up in Cambridge and was on a short, five day, emergency stay, visiting her dad, who was undergoing tests at Addenbrookes. Her visit was very much out of the blue due to the circumstances but she called because she desperately needed to find some reliable help for her dad, and having not lived in Cambridge for many years she didn’t have any of the right local contacts.

One email… problem solved

Her dad needed a gardener, carpenter and a home PA. The gardener was needed urgently to sort out the grass, but then take on a more regular work alongside her dad, who loves the garden, but would not be able to do the more physically demanding tasks. There were also some problems with a couple of windows that needed repairs as they posed a security risk. Her dad, an academic, was looking for an experienced PA to assist him with administrative and secretarial jobs. Scuseme sent contacts for all three positions, and having made an appointment and met the gardener and carpenter we recommended she was hugely relieved and said they were “perfect”.

It was great to be able to provide this help.

Supporting parent when they become ill is so incredibly emotional and stressful, especially when you are visiting from a long way; you want to spend the time just being with them, quality time, not having to worry about the jobs that need doing around the house. And you also need to know that when you leave them, they are in safe hands. We were happy scuseme had the right suppliers in place to help.

With only a few days in Cambridge her problems were sorted with just one enquiry to scuseme.   She said; “My Dad is so thrilled and relieved about all of this – you’ve (scuseme) been a big part of that, thank you.”

That’s the reason why we put so much effort into finding good local and trustworthy suppliers in the community because the right help can make a real, and significant, difference to people’s lives.

The June Nature Reserve Orchid Count

And on the plus time because she didn’t have to spend hours looking for help so were able to catch up.  We met at Fulbourn Nature Reserve, and although too early for the stunning bee orchids,  we found out about the June Nature Reserve Orchid Count and how to get involved.  So, all in all a very productive visit, especially as we hadn’t met up for over five years.

About the author:

Dawn Giesler is the founder of scuseme Cambridge, a free online recommendation website developed to provide an essential resource to connect you with reliable, local tradespeople and home service experts.