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Follow the fabulous food vans in Cambridge

The eating out options in Cambridge has come a long way in the last ten years, reflecting the cosmopolitan character of the city and the diverse tastes of its residents.

Cambridge is now embracing and building on the growing trend around food vans, providing a range of delicious, fresh, healthy, and innovative street food representing numerous cultural and culinary tastes.  These dedicated chefs are bringing their passion to the streets, often hitching their characterful vans outside our favourite pubs, wine bars, and cafes.

We can’t thank enough the wonderful team behind our regular foodParks with their pop-up street food lunch markets bringing exciting options to replace the tired old sandwich and crisps.  The working lunch is now something to look forward to.  Plus, the locations are spacious, enough to accommodate lots of people and bring a buzz to these varied locations.

So, you’ve heard about these great food vans, but do you know where to find them?

The foodParks provide a permanent setting, three days a week, but many of these food vans have teamed up with some great venues to make sure that their fabulous fayre is available at other times during the day and evening.  We’ve got in touch with the people behind many of the food vans and put together this useful table that we hope will help you track them down.
FoodPark Cambridge 

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