Cambridge “one of the safest areas of the UK” but we must remember to look out for each other

It was heartening to have confirmation from Sgt Ian Wood, addressing members of the city council’s East Area Committee on Thursday 12th January, that crime in Cambridge is at an “unbelievable” low level.

People who live and work in Cambridge, often speak of living in a bubble where we seem to be distant from some of the damaging social and economic issues that have such a massive impact on so many parts of the country.  These recent findings about criminal activity in the area support this, Wood goes on to say that, “even the criminals in Cambridge are nice.”  The fact that cycling and parking issues override robberies and murders contributes to surveys that site South Cambridgeshire as one of the best places to live in the country[1] and the number one city to work in[2].

Despite these encouraging figures and reassurances, it is important not to become complacent.  It has been reported that dwelling burglaries and cycle theft have increased.  My family has been the victim of this having had three bikes stolen in the last 24 months.  Saying this we feel safe and secure with the permanent police presence and the plans for development which brings inevitable economic and social opportunities.

Moving forward the committee voted to select ‘safeguarding vulnerable residents’ including Mill Road anti-social behaviour’ and ‘combating violent crime and theft.’  As people who care about our city we must take responsibility for keeping our city, and ourselves safe.

  • As drivers, we must exercise caution when driving alongside cyclists, we must demonstrate mutual respect.
  • As cyclists, we should use helmets, lights and secure locks.
  • As residents, we should keep our homes safe with proper locks on windows and doors, alarms and security lights.

And as responsible citizens we must also look out for each other and be proud of the City we live and work in.

Dawn Giesler, founder of Scuseme has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years.

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[1] Halifax Quality of Life Survey December 2016

[2] Glassdoor Research July 2016