save money if you live in Cambridge

How to save money if you live in Cambridge – 5 helpful suggestions

Cambridge is an expensive place to live, but I have found a few ways to make my budget stretch and find bargains when you live in this lovely city.

Buy an Arts Cinema membership

This is one of the best membership packages I have found in Cambridge. It’s useful, relevant, and excellent value. My free tickets are always a treat plus the Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge has some fantastic local and national partners with whom you can get great savings, such as 25% off at GBK and 10% off at Hotel Chocolat.  Perfect for a gift.


Invest in really good running or walking shoes

I’ve learned the hard way and been tempted by a bargain only to have to give them away after developing blisters or shin splints or worse. A false economy & never again.

Always invest in the best shoes you can afford and never buy a pair that you haven’t tried out on a running machine.

A good salesperson will ask you to try them out on the flat, sprinting and on hills. I can highly recommend Advance Performance, Cambridge where they carry out proper gait analysis and will even let you test the shoes outside before committing to buy.

Also Open Air Cambridge, fantastic service and equipment to fully test footwear for the outdoors before buying. Perfect for injury-free exercise.


Learn some practical plumbing skills

Do you know how to balance your central heating system, or how to operate it so that it works as efficiently as possible.

Do you know where the stop cock is or the tap to adjust the pressure?

Look up some basic plumbing tips on YouTube or ask a plumber when you next use one for a bigger job, later saving you money, time and stress.

My plumbers have helped me understand the basics of my system and so I find that now I can often sort out simple problems myself. Let the plumbers take care of the big jobs. Perfect for DIY gloaters.


Repair draughty zones

If you don’t happen to live in a modern fully insulated and energy-efficient house, then, like me you are probably in a period property which along with its many wonderful attributes no doubt suffers heat loss from old sash windows, poorly insulated walls, lofts/attics, loose floorboards, draughty doors, and damaged roofs.

We decided to invest in some home improvements. A big investment but one which apart from the immediate benefits also represents an investment in the value of the house. We treated the wooden floors and repaired some of our sash windows.

The difference was immense. We now enjoy all the rooms in the house all year round with the added benefit of lower heating costs and better ventilation and insulation. We did put a lot of time into finding the best companies to carry out the work because we wanted the guarantees. Perfect for warm, cozy rooms.


Get to the market

Shopping locally is always encouraged for economic and environmental reasons. Sometimes things are a little more expensive, but helping local traders helps maintain a thriving local economy.

However, it doesn’t have to be more expensive. The Sunday Market Cambridge is an excellent investment for locally sourced, organic produce that is fresh, delicious, and healthy. Some of my favourites include the veg stall, where you can fill your basket or pannier with delicious stuff to last the week with the change from a tenner.

The stall selling free-range chicken and rapeseed oil is wonderful as is the bread stall which offers a fantastic range from rye to sourdough, ciabatta to wholemeal. As well as the amazing value that the Sunday market offers, there is a lovely buzz and atmosphere, the stall represents a wonderfully diverse community, friendly and welcoming and after a few visits, you quickly feel part of the community. Perfect for a Sunday morning.

Save money if you live in Cambridge - shop in the market

A little about me, Dawn Giesler

I have lived and worked in Cambridge for over 25 years and I have a background in marketing & PR and like many I’ve tried to combine a career with running a family. Nevertheless, despite having a wide network of friends and colleagues, I do get frustrated at the difficulty in finding readily available and reliable, locally recommended suppliers and specialists so I developed Scuseme to provide an essential resource to help the modern family run smoothly. I think it’s the next best thing to an online word of mouth recommendation.

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