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  • We personally vet our tradespeople and traders.
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  • Traders who meet our standards of customer care and demonstrate a good record join.
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What our customers say about scuseme

"I cannot express my gratitude & thanks nearly enough. This is a lovely, bespoke project which is amazing for me & for my family. I hope to keep the friendship we started when other work is necessary on the property. I will not be looking for anyone else !"

Suzanne Prynne, Cambridge

“It was really quick and easy it was to use scuseme. I received a recommended tutor for my son very quickly after registering my request, saving me many phone calls and a lot of time.”

Becky, Chesterton, Cambridge

“Thank you so much for sorting this out so quickly. Jason arrived very quickly, was very reassuring and checked everything. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Ann, Petersfield, Cambridge