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How to avoid plumbing disasters at home in Cambridge this winter

I arranged for one of our scuseme plumbers and heating engineers to come and repair a dripping tap and carry out an annual check of our central heating system, which can be temperamental in the winter when there is more demand on its use.  And with my family visiting this Christmas I don’t want any problems.  I know that in Cambridge arctic conditions are a rarity, but even a short spell of bad weather can cause major problems, so it is better to be prepared.  You don’t want to end up like All Bar One in Cambridge, flooding just weeks before Christmas. (more…)

Finding an AGA repair and installation specialist in Cambridge

Aga owners, for most of the time, you are rewarded with incredible food, ambient warmth and a kitchen that is the heart and soul of your home.   You may have turned off your Aga during the summer and with the festive season fast approaching you will want to be confident that your Aga is in perfect working order.

There is never the time for a breakdown but if you do have problems you need reliable, recommended Aga repair specialist.  So, for our Aga owners in Cambridge here are the things you need to do to make sure your Aga is always ready to serve up a scrumptious feast. (more…)

Blackberrying in Cambridge – 7 top sites for fruity pickings

Out and about in Cambridge you can’t help but notice the abundance of beautiful blackberries weighing down the branches.

Blackberrying or brambling, whichever you prefer, is a great family outing. Plastic containers and the promise of jam or pies keeps everyone motivated.  One of my favourite fruits, my heart leaps with the thought of just how many I will manage to eat before the season ends.  The only problem is eating more than you collect.  (more…)

May Bank Holiday – are you ready to tackle your DIY projects? Do you want to?

May sees Cambridge at it’s best, with the start of so many exciting and tempting events and activities, such as Eat Cambridge, and the Cambridge Beer Festival.  Although bank holidays are traditionally used for tackling DIY projects,  DIY is not for everyone.  If you don’t want to get the toolbox out and head up a ladder this bank holiday or if you don’t have the skills, finding a local recommended professional is the best way to get the job done properly, leaving you time to enjoy the Cambridge festivities. (more…)

scuseme 6 essential electricity safety rules at home

We asked our recommended electricians in Cambridge to come up with six key considerations to keep you and your possessions safe in your home.

In February, there was a fire at Clarins Day Spa on St Andrews Street, Cambridge.  It was caused by an electrical fault, and the incident led to the part closure of John Lewis.  But thanks to their fire prevention systems (smoke and fire alarms, and sophisticated sprinkler systems), both stores kept disruption to a minimum and no one was hurt.  Sadly, for many households the consequent of fires, are often far more damaging.

Against this background, we want to share some important, and sometimes overlooked, safety guidance regarding electricity. (more…)

The 20 best dog-friendly pubs in Cambridge

Punter pooch watering hole. Photo by

Dine with your doggie…….scuseme’s favourite dog-friendly pubs in Cambridge

Most people who know me, knows how much I love hanging out with my dogs, Roscoe and Sugar, and especially my daily walks around the beautiful parks, nature reserves and meadows in Cambridge.

When it comes to eating out or just having a drink it’s nice to find places that will accommodate my four-legged friends. So, we’ve compiled a list of places in and around Cambridge that won’t banish you to the garden because you have your dog with you but will welcome your paw-some pets whatever the weather. (more…)

AGAs repairs and service in Cambridge

Aga serviced by independent expert in Cambridge

AGA owners, for most of the time, you are rewarded with incredible food, ambient warmth and a kitchen that is the heart and soul of your home.  But any AGA owner knows they are wonderful until they breakdown.  So, for our AGA owners in Cambridge here are six essentials ingredients to make sure your AGA is always ready to serve up a scrumptious feast.


Budgeting for an extension in Cambridge – watch your wallet

The extension budget is one area where most people fall, often underestimating the time and money that is required to complete the project.  And if you live in Cambridge you need to know that the best builders get booked up early; so, plan ahead, conduct thorough research, identify at least three builders, choose carefully and then draw up a secure contract. (more…)

Follow the fabulous food vans in Cambridge

The eating out options in Cambridge have come a long way in the last ten years, reflecting the cosmopolitan character of the city and the diverse tastes of its residents. 

Cambridge is now embracing and building on the growing trend around food vans, providing a range of delicious, fresh, healthy and innovative street food representing numerous cultural and culinary tastes.  These dedicated chefs are bringing their passion to the streets, often hitching their characterful vans outside our favourite pubs, wine bars and cafes.  (more…)

Top tips for sparkling windows

A source of light and a focal point; windows are the eyes of your home.

Windows invite the brightness back into your home and sparkling clean windows will transform your rooms making them light, bright and good for the soul.

Here are some tips from our professionals to help you.

Your equipment:

  • Large dry brush or broom
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Home made cleaning solution (two tablespoons vinegar to a bucket of warm water)
  • Brown paper or newspaper
  • Chamois or microfiber cloth
  • Dry lint free cloth or drying pad

Now you can get started:

  1. Remove build up of dust & cobwebs using the brush
  2. Wash your window with a sponge using your own cleaning solution
  3. Wipe off the excess water with a squeegy
  4. Remove any remaining water with the chamois or microfiber cloth
  5. Really dirty windows add domestic borax or household ammonia to the solution and dry with the lint free cloth
  6. For extra sparkle – buff the dry glass with a sheet of crumpled newspaper
  7. Clean regularly

Stores like Cutlacks, MacKays and Scotsdales are likely to stock all of the above.

Alternatively we can connect you with trusted local window cleaners in Cambridge who use these traditional methods.

Find a local window cleaner now

How scuseme helped Cambridge resident find recommended local builder for cottage renovation

In June 2016, we received the following customer enquiry:

“I am looking for a builder to do a small extension at my cottage in Cambridge.  I need the bathroom and kitchen to be extended and refurbished. I have plans for the work and would like the work to start ASAP. Many thanks.”

We passed this enquiry onto our recommended local builders and three of them were keen for scuseme to share their profiles with the customer.


Finding & choosing a plumber in Cambridge

With so much information out there it may seem that you are spoilt for choice, but make the wrong choice and you could end up with a ‘cowboy’. You have to trust the information that is provided. So ask the right questions, follow these instructions and you will find the right plumber: someone who is a trusted, local and recommended expert in the Cambridge area.

Our tips:-

Multi Quotes

Try to get at least three different quotes. Don’t use a plumber who gives you an over the phone quote. A good plumber will need to see the job to provide an accurate quote, and you need to meet them.

Go Local

Find a plumber who is local. This may help reduce the hidden costs of travel (which can mount up given Cambridge’s traffic congestion). Previous local clients may also be willing to show you their work.

Testimonials & Referrals

Select plumbers who have customers prepared to give testimonials and referrals, and may be prepared to speak to you. Ask if they have a portfolio or website so you can see a range of their abilities.

Punctual, Polite and Professional

Will they respect your home and look after your property e.g. protecting surfaces, removing their shoes or providing protective covers. Ask yourself: “Would I want to offer them a cup of tea?”

Professional Qualifications & insurance

Any plumber must be licensed and carry full insurance. If they are going to work on your boiler they must be Gas Safe registered and display their identification card. (By the way, Corgi registration is no longer used).

Identify the Problem

Make sure that the plumber clearly explains the problem and the solution to you and find out if they have first-hand experience of carrying out the task.

Price & Guarantees

Get everything in writing before starting a job. Find out about your guarantees on the work, the schedule, and agree exactly how payment can be made. Insist that any changes to the quote are always agreed in advance.

Looking for a plumber in Cambridge? scuseme can help!

Find a plumber/heating engineer

We’ll check through our list of approved Cambridge plumbers and give you the contact details of our recommended choices.

Home improvement plans for 2017? Four steps to turn your ideas into a reality

A new year and a new start so often prompts us to refresh our lives. Whether it is to make small home improvements, get the garden sorted or start an exciting building project, January is the time to lay down the foundations to turn your ideas into a reality. But successful ideas don’t happen by accident.  So here are some tips to help you on your way.   (more…)

Top 5 tips for keeping your dinner party simple and tasty

We all love the idea of inviting friends and family over for dinner but sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. Preparing menus, elaborate table settings, and of course the cooking, can leave us feeling more frazzled than a slice of back bacon.

Entertaining at home should be fun, relaxing and full of delicious food.  We have consulted with our fabulous Cambridge scuseme recommended caterers and here they share their top five tips for keeping your dinner party simple and tasty. (more…)

Fabulous fruity pickings – get our favourite 5 blackberrying sites in Cambridge

I just love the beginning of Autumn.  The weather is still warm, the light is gorgeous, the colours are vibrant and this year the long awaited blackberries are bountiful.  Blackberrying still manages to deliver, without fail, a fabulous family activity that excites everyone equally and doesn’t herald the response, “Do we have to?” from languid teenagers.  So, thank goodness for good old fashion brambling.  I love that it doesn’t have any connection with technology: it always feels nostalgic and I have a brief flirtation of myself as Ma Ingles in The Little House on the Prairie, gathering produce and fayre. (more…)

The importance of online reviews for your business

The internet has without a doubt changed the way we do business today. Business owners are taking advantage of this by creating websites, optimizing SEO, and working on social media marketing. They may however be overlooking one of the most important online components of their business plans: online reviews. Luckily, services such as can help with this area of your business plan. (more…)

7 essential things that will make your U.C.A.S. personal statement stand out

Writing a personal statement for your U.C.A.S. application is one of the most important pieces of writing that you will produce. 

It is the only way in which a creative, subjective element can be added to your application alongside the factual data of exam results, university course choices etc. 

Admissions tutors read personal statements and are influenced by them….so they matter. 

So where to start and what to avoid? It is so important that care and attention is applied to the writing of the statement and Scuseme’s certain do’s and don’ts which, if followed will help you produce a stronger standout statement.   (more…)

Five certain ways to really save money if you live in Cambridge

Buy an Arts Cinema membership

This is one of the best membership packages I have found in Cambridge. It’s useful, relevant and excellent value. My free tickets are always a treat plus the Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge has some fantastic local and national partners with whom you can get great savings, such as 25% off at GBK and 10% off at Hotel Chocolat.  Perfect for a gift. (more…)

Don’t trust trust – it’s not enough – get smart & get results

Like most people I’ve had some bad experience; I’ve taken a heating engineer to the small claims court, suffered hair loss from a poorly trained hairdresser and been sworn at by a loathsome gas electrician who refused to fix a problem he had created. But I’ve learnt from these and got much smarter.

It’s no surprise, trying to find the right person for a job can be daunting and stressful. And it usually doesn’t make much difference whatever service you need, be it a hairdresser or a builder. All you want is the peace of mind that you will get perfect results. I‘m going to share some of my hair-raising hair experiences to demonstrate the key things that you need to think of when looking for the right person. (more…)