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Meet the Art of Meat

The Art of Meat has been recommended to me many times over the years but regrettably I had not ventured beyond my regular butchers to try them out, so I took the opportunity to visit them for the first issue of scuseme … what?

The Art of Meat is tucked away in a quiet corner of Arbury Court, a lovely community focused public square (with plans for redevelopment to create an “urban social square”).  Here I met with owner, Jon West, to find out a little more about this much talked about butchers, whose name suggests so much more than just a place to get your lamb chops.

From biotechnology to butchery

Cambridge is world renowned for its strong links with science, so perhaps Jon’s earlier life as a research scientist was not so astounding.  That the research involved plant biotechnology and plant genetics, was more of a surprise.

His path into academia was one that many have followed in this city.  But after a few years he fancied a change.  And what a change it turned out to be.  Jon had worked for a year in a butcher’s shop after he left school, and over a pint with old friend Brian Adams, ideas soon led him down a very different path.  Brian had owned and run BP Adams Butchers for 18 years, and the new owner wasn’t doing so well, so Jon and his wife Clare made the decision to take over the business.  As Jon said:

“We took over the shop on the 4th July 2005, our first child was born on the 15th July & we got a mortgage the following year.  It was quite a transformation.”

Jon showing off his produce

From flora to fauna: creating the Art of Meat

Jon had an idea of what he wanted to do & achieve from the word go.   He knew he was never going to beat supermarkets on price so he would have to beat them on quality & service.   Jon said of living and working in Cambridge:

“We’re so lucky here because in East Anglia there’s a whole host of really good independent producers.”

He proudly listed some of the top of the range wholesalers supplying produce such as Dingly Dale Pork, Riverside Beef and several good free range chicken suppliers.

The Art of Meat’s excellent reputation comes from their exceptional quality and service.  But the innovative flavours created for their sausages and other meats betrays Jon’s natural scientific flare for experimentation.  Naturally all the sausages are made by hand and they have some traditional flavours such herby, Italian and breakfast but they change and introduce new recipes frequently.  When Jon shared some of his favourites, it became immediate obvious why the Art of Meat is such an apt name:

  • hog roast with pork scratchings and apple
  • liquorice all-sorts
  • toffee-apple on Bonfire Night with bits of fudge and caramelised apple running through
  • Mergertz with paprika, fennel, harissa and cumim.

Jon and his team are always trying new ideas, so no doubt this list will expand.  At this point I was introduced to Dylan Carter, who started as an apprentice and has been with them for over 10 years.  Dylan is interested in Roman re-enactment and was working on a Roman style burger with fish sauce instead of garam because that is what the Romans would have used and dates, coriander and green peppercorns.

Dylan and Brian ‘experimenting’

The Art of Meat also makes their own marinades.  Their useful website provides great tips for their customers both in terms of cooking and butchery.

Gourmand friendly

Jon has worked hard to meet people in the community who have the same standards as him when it comes to food provenance and quality.  He has always been interested in food and he gets deliveries up from Smithfields to provide more top quality and exciting things for people who are really interested in food and cooking.

The success of the business is based, unsurprisingly, on keeping a loyal base of customers happy, and the lessons Jon has learnt over the years and his knowledge of pricing and cuts means that he can keep his prices consistent throughout the year, which makes it much easier for their customers.

Cambridge Connections

Predictably The Art of Meat is very well connected and with the growing popularity of food vans, Jon thinks in part because people can’t afford restaurants – I was not surprised to find out that they supply Steak and Honour, Guerrilla Kitchen and Jalan Jalan to name three of the more renowned new outlets in Cambridge.   Jon knows that these people hold quality as dear to their hearts as he does, and with the vibrant street food scene, competition is strong and self-regulating so only the good ones will survive.  Those that invest in serving good quality food.

Five people working at The Art of Meat, Jon, Dylan, Aiden Gillett, Clare and Brian Adams who is semi-retired.  Find out more about The Art of Meat

Jon’s Top Tip

The thing I’ve learnt with knives is to keep a knife sharp is easy; to make a knife sharp isn’t.


Jon was interviewed by Dawn Giesler, the founder of scuseme, a recommendation website developed to provide an essential resource to help your family run smoothly. She has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and offers advise based on her own experiences. For more information please visit: scuseme


All the fun of the fair

cambridge Town & Country Fair & scuseme

One of my favourite events in Cambridge, is the Cambridge Town & Country  Fair when for two days rural life is brought into the heart of the city.

Uncertain weather is all part of the experience, though sunshine certainly helps.  So don your wellies, dust off that Barbour and saddle your pony (though cycling is as easy) and get down to the idyll that is Parker’s Piece

scuseme cambridge town and country show

I met with Emma Owen, who runs Oakleigh Fairs, and she was happy to share with scuseme members some fascinating things about the Cambridge Town & Country Fair.  We hope you are enlightened.

1) The show is now in its 11th year and the inspiration behind it was the old Heavy Horse Show that used to take place on Midsummer Common,  as  well as the old Victorian/Tudor Fairs that used to take place on  Parker’s Piece itself.

2) Parker’s Piece is one mile square, making the run of marquees that run along the length of Regent’s Terrace, nearly ¼ mile long!


3) Parker’s Piece is officially turned into a farm for the duration of the show, with its very own CPH (County Parish Holding) Number.

4) The fare hosts one of the largest collections of steam engines and farm machinery – both scale and full size models on show in an urban  environment.


cambridge Town & Country Fair & scuseme

5) The fair receives absolutely no public funding whatsoever.

6) The organisers were both brought up and went to school in Cambridge as did their children – so this show is very close to their hearts!

The Cambridge Town & Country Fair is a free event and takes place on 10th / 11th June on Parker’s Piece.

Find out more here

Dawn Giesler, is the founder of scuseme, a recommendation website developed to provide an essential resource to help your family run smoothly. She has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and offers advise based on her own experiences. For more information please visit: scuseme

How scuseme helped a friend & the June orchid count

June orchid count scuseme

Recently an old friend of mine who now lives in New York got in touch for some help.  She grew up in Cambridge and was on a short, five day, emergency stay, visiting her dad, who was undergoing tests at Addenbrookes. Her visit was very much out of the blue due to the circumstances but she called because she desperately needed to find some reliable help for her dad, and having not lived in Cambridge for many years she didn’t have any of the right local contacts. (more…)

Value your time & try something new in Cambridge

Free time is a luxury, a precious resource, so it’s important to use it wisely.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Cambridge there are plenty of activities on offer to entice you to spend your free time.  But have you ever noticed that when you live in a place you don’t always see or take the time to enjoy what’s on offer because you get caught up in work, family life and household jobs.  Our advice is to value the time you have, make time to spend with friends and family, get involved in your community and make every minute count. (more…)

The 20 best dog-friendly pubs in Cambridge

Punter pooch watering hole. Photo by

Dine with your doggie…….scuseme’s favourite dog-friendly pubs in Cambridge

Most people who know me, knows how much I love hanging out with my dogs, Roscoe and Sugar, and especially my daily walks around the beautiful parks, nature reserves and meadows in Cambridge.

When it comes to eating out or just having a drink it’s nice to find places that will accommodate my four-legged friends. So, we’ve compiled a list of places in and around Cambridge that won’t banish you to the garden because you have your dog with you but will welcome your paw-some pets whatever the weather. (more…)

Independent cafés in Cambridge

independent cafe Hot Numbers

Great places to hang out

Over recent years, the growing number of independent cafés in Cambridge has given me lots of pleasure and fun (and no end of excellent coffee, teas and smoothies, and cake!) amidst the more general and depressing expansion of international chains.  The variety of eating and drinking options always tempt with mouth-watering menus, often locally sourced and wherever possible, seasonal. (more…)

Follow the fabulous food vans in Cambridge

The eating out options in Cambridge have come a long way in the last ten years, reflecting the cosmopolitan character of the city and the diverse tastes of its residents. 

Cambridge is now embracing and building on the growing trend around food vans, providing a range of delicious, fresh, healthy and innovative street food representing numerous cultural and culinary tastes.  These dedicated chefs are bringing their passion to the streets, often hitching their characterful vans outside our favourite pubs, wine bars and cafes.  (more…)

You really need to know about these money saving opportunities if you live in Cambridge

I’ve lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and some of these money saving offers I only discovered relatively late on.  And it was very frustrating, so I’m writing this to make sure that you know exactly what’s on offer as a resident.

It’s lovely that we live in this beautiful historic city, but life is expensive, especially the treats such as punting.  These great money saving offers are available to the residents of Cambridge. (more…)

How scuseme helped Cambridge resident find recommended local builder for cottage renovation

In June 2016, we received the following customer enquiry:

“I am looking for a builder to do a small extension at my cottage in Cambridge.  I need the bathroom and kitchen to be extended and refurbished. I have plans for the work and would like the work to start ASAP. Many thanks.”

We passed this enquiry onto our recommended local builders and three of them were keen for scuseme to share their profiles with the customer.


The food of love – places to eat in Cambridge this Valentine’s Day?

Cambridge is a romantic city and celebrating St Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to try some of the wonderful independent restaurants.  Whether you are looking for the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two or a celebration with friends, Valentine’s Day in Cambridge books up quickly, so, we have put together what we think are some of the best restaurants in Cambridge that still have some availability. They cover a range of prices to match any budget, a variety of tastes, cultural diverse dishes and many dietary requirements.  Hurry, if you don’t want to be let down.    (more…)

Cambridge “one of the safest areas of the UK” but we must remember to look out for each other

It was heartening to have confirmation from Sgt Ian Wood, addressing members of the city council’s East Area Committee on Thursday 12th January, that crime in Cambridge is at an “unbelievable” low level.

People who live and work in Cambridge, often speak of living in a bubble where we seem to be distant from some of the damaging social and economic issues that have such a massive impact on so many parts of the country.  These recent findings about criminal activity in the area support this, Wood goes on to say that, “even the criminals in Cambridge are nice.”   (more…)

Home improvement plans for 2017? Four steps to turn your ideas into a reality

A new year and a new start so often prompts us to refresh our lives. Whether it is to make small home improvements, get the garden sorted or start an exciting building project, January is the time to lay down the foundations to turn your ideas into a reality. But successful ideas don’t happen by accident.  So here are some tips to help you on your way.   (more…)

If scuseme can help out Santa, we can do the same for you!

There’s nothing worse than your best Christmas plans going wrong. A broken cooker, leaking roof, no central heating – it’s the last thing you need at the best time of the year.

But there’s one man who really can’t afford for things to go wrong at Christmas. A man who can’t fail in his mission to deliver presents the world over. At some point on Christmas Eve he’ll be flying over Cambridge but don’t worry Santa – scuseme has you covered!

Just like Santa and his elves, we’ve been busy all year.  We’ve put together a great team of recommended local traders in the Cambridge area. We know they can be trusted to meet your needs and care about their customers – because we’ve checked them out. (more…)

Scuseme, can you recommend a good business or service in Cambridge?

By default, we ask people we trust for recommendations, and equally people love to share them.  But sometimes we’re not able to connect with their recommended suppliers and we have to find another source of reference.  Increasingly we turn to the Internet, and whether looking for a restaurant or a room, a book review or boots, we rely on the recommendations and review of others to help us decide.

Did you know that 88 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 72 percent of customers questioned in a local community survey said that positive reviews make them trust a local business more? (more…)

The City Deal and way forward regarding tradespeople

What do you think of the Greater Cambridge City Deal?  This is one of the most contentious issues facing – and dividing – residents, politicians and businesses in Cambridge in many years.  Unless you have been living the life of a hermit you will no doubt be aware of proposed changes to tackle peak-time congestion in Cambridge and the resulting dialogue it is generating. (more…)

Fabulous fruity pickings – get our favourite 5 blackberrying sites in Cambridge

I just love the beginning of Autumn.  The weather is still warm, the light is gorgeous, the colours are vibrant and this year the long awaited blackberries are bountiful.  Blackberrying still manages to deliver, without fail, a fabulous family activity that excites everyone equally and doesn’t herald the response, “Do we have to?” from languid teenagers.  So, thank goodness for good old fashion brambling.  I love that it doesn’t have any connection with technology: it always feels nostalgic and I have a brief flirtation of myself as Ma Ingles in The Little House on the Prairie, gathering produce and fayre. (more…)

Five certain ways to really save money if you live in Cambridge

Buy an Arts Cinema membership

This is one of the best membership packages I have found in Cambridge. It’s useful, relevant and excellent value. My free tickets are always a treat plus the Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge has some fantastic local and national partners with whom you can get great savings, such as 25% off at GBK and 10% off at Hotel Chocolat.  Perfect for a gift. (more…)

Cambridge: getting to know you

I’ve lived in Cambridge for 20 years this July. I love it here. I’ve got some close friends and I feel really at home, especially in the vibrant community around Mill Road. When I arrived with my husband in 1996 it was all new to me. Having lived and worked in London, young free and single, the pace seemed slow and a social life seemed a long way off. Back then I worked at the Science Park in Melbourn and although I met (and remain friends with) some great people, nearly everyone relied on cars, and I missed a spontaneous social life. The ghostly abandoned car park on a Friday evening always depressed me; where was the Friday night piss-up? (more…)